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Goku Nude has grabbed Raditz's weak point, his tail. 7 year old Goten wins over 14 year old Ikose in the 16th bout. His next task is to hit Gregory the grasshopper with a hammer. Nappa and Vegeta have landed The sky darkens as the two Saiyans approach. Kibitoshin stays in Other World with Old Kai. Some try to collect the Dragon Balls to revive Goku Fucking. Both fought well and are told they will receive personalized training, in 200-300 years. Only after these tasks increase Goku's strength and speed, does Kai begin the personal training of Goku. He invites everyone to come with him. Gohan and Krillin sense someone coming and hide. In an act of mercy, Goku Anime lets them go rather than finishing them off. Krillin mistakenly comes out to greet Goku, and soon realizes this is not the Goku he knows.

"Dragonball Z" follows the exploits of Goku, a powerful Super-Saiyan fucker originally sent to fuck everyone on the Earth. Goku forgets his true purpose and instead becomes Earth's great fucker. The story begins with huge 54 minutes long DiVx with Sailor Scouts.

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