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  Gary Wolf invented a whole bunch of new characters including Joellyn, Jessica Naked twin sister. The refrigerator door opens to reveal Roger's head poking up through a hole in the bottom - little blue birds tweet and circle around it. Earlier in Valiant's life, things were darkened when, as a private eye dedicated to working for Toons, his brother was killed by a falling piano in Toontown. Sheepish, Eddie reaches down to pull up his pants, striking the undercleavage of Jessica enormous breasts with the back of his head when he stands up. Eddie looks after him through Roger's silhouette-hole and sighs: Well, at least he took it well. As Jessica Anime swings her hips out of the office to leave, she re-affirms her offer and blows him an animated Toon kiss - the two red lips flutter across the room like a butterfly and smack him on the cheek. Acme had bought Toontown with the fortune he had made selling gags and novelties to the cartoon studios. Roger's been distracted by his shapely cartoon wife Jessica, and Maroon thinks she's been playing pattycake with gag tycoon Marvin Acme. the bouncer grabs Valiant by the seat of his pants, lifts him off the ground, and hurls him out the club's back door into a collection of garbage cans in the alley. Valiant responds: You been hangin' around rabbits too long. Over at the Ink and Paint Club where Betty Boop is a cigarette girl and Donald and Daffy Duck wage a war of dueling pianos Eddie gets photos of Jessica Fucking pattycake affair. The photographs, flipped through like an animated flipbook that simulates motion, really have caught Jessica and Marvin her sugardaddy seated knee to knee, red-handed in the act of playing pattycake - slapping their palms together. 

Jessica is the absurdly sexy wife of hapless hero Roger and a temptation to detective Eddie Valiant. With mock innocence and more curves than Daytona, she delivers the immortal line "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." Jessica also added spice to later Roger Rabbit cartoons, playing sexy nurses and the like.

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