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The pokemon belong to these two pretty ladies. Jessie blames James and Meowth for messing things up, and everyone gets into a brawl. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to steal Delaney's Poliwrath as Jessie disguises herself as a fortune teller. While the four older sisters pokemon are getting stolen Misty and Sakura are having a battle Espeon vs. Corsola. Team Rocket invade the school pretending to be magicians. Jessie, James and Meowth then decide to rob the place, but while sneaking up to the mansion they run into Snubbull who catches a glimpse of Meowth's tail and grabs hold of it. After the interview, as the gang sees one of the men panicking over the reels that Team Rocket ruined earlier, the Dugtrio Trio (Team Rocket) approaches, and volunteers to try their ventriloquist act with Pikachu. Who's gonna win this Digimon vs. Pokemon porn battle? NOTE: ash has to battle team rocket and their blastiose, charizard and venusaur from the battle park. Ash must know something about those mysterious Pokemon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is looking to steal Nurse Joy's food from behind a wall.

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